XBIZ Retreat

Mix Business With Pleasure

XBIZ Retreat is an all-inclusive event for adult retail market leaders to engage in business and networking in a world-class setting.


XBIZ Retreat brings together leading product manufacturers with qualified buyers from top distributors and retailers.

XBIZ Retreat events feature a packed itinerary anchored by private one-on-one meetings, along with plentiful opportunities for networking over meals and special events.

While conducting business with fellow market leaders, XBIZ Retreat participants indulge in premium hospitality in a luxurious setting.


XBIZ Retreat provides attendees an intimate, informative and engaging experience that maximizes the potential for business with boundless networking opportunities.

By creating a relaxing, low-key ambiance, participants benefit from a full schedule of private meetings held in dedicated vendor suites along with evening social events, including cocktail mixers, gourmet dinners and entertainment.

Exclusive benefits include:

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Educational Workshops
  • Networking Activities
  • Mixers and Special Events


XBIZ Retreat not only offers a hyper productive, immersive environment, but with personalized all-inclusive accommodations.

The benefits of attending XBIZ Retreat go far beyond the traditional convention-style trade show, creating lasting relationships and memories.

  • Distraction-free private meetings
  • Develop new business and promote your objectives
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Create brand awareness
  • Gain valuable feedback from industry peers
  • Gain tactical insight from market leaders


“It's really hard to choose a favorite [XBIZ Retreat Miami] event when I found each of the experiences equally remarkable. Being able to experience art in the making by Avi Ram from the TV show ‘Skin Wars’ right before our eyes at Alec's suite party, eating at Barton G., where you couldn't wait to see what extravagant food would light up our night, to acting like a kid again playing games at the beach.”

— Jade Leon, operations manager, Clandestine Devices

“Dinner at Barton G. and karaoke were my favorite [part of XBIZ Retreat Miami]. The food and display at dinner was fun and delicious, and it was great that we could all switch off from work-mode and enjoy a night out on the town. I am pretty sure I saw every single person having fun.”

— Jonathan Davis, mail order catalog manager, AdultEmpire

“I think the events are very helpful to be able to socialize on a different level. It is hard to meet colleagues while running all around but at the events you get to relax and meet more new people. All these things help to build relationships because, while yes, we are all there to get our jobs done — but too much work and not enough enjoyment and relaxation is not good for the soul.”

— Lisa Strong, head buyer, Tokyo Valentino

“The energy during [XBIZ Retreat’s Karaoke Night] was so positive and we were cheering on everyone who sang whether they were competitors or close business partners. It’s events such as these that make XBIZ Retreat an exceptional foundation for doing business.”

— Phoebe Grott, purchasing director, Pleasure Chest

“XBIZ Retreat Miami is one of the best XBIZ events that I have attended. My favorite special event was of course the beach. There is something to be said about hanging around in the ocean (and the pool on the last day) with our clients. The atmosphere could not have been more relaxed and the friendships forged and deepened is priceless. In both those places I was able not only address business, but to laugh and splash around with what are now my friends!”

— Margaux O’Donoghue, sales manager, M.D. Science Labs

These retreats always offer a great way to have some personalized one-on-one time with customers. You don't have all the distractions you get on a typical trade show floor and people aren't split in a lot of different directions. The informality of our events makes them easy to attend, fun, and you have real time with your customers. Everyone relaxes and you really get to see this awesome side to people that we may not have had a chance to see if karaoke didn't call their name — for example. I personally feel like I can really be myself at these events and enjoy them regardless of whether I'm a vendor or customer — we are all family.”

— Danielle Seerley, senior sales executive, Shibari Wands

“XBIZ Retreat is a fantastic, well-organized show with a range of products available. It’s great to sit down and have meetings where we often only email due to time and distance restrictions.”

— Jon Davis, buying and merchandising manager, ABS Holdings

“XBIZ Retreat is a perfect balance between business and pleasure, giving every participant a great chance to learn about new trends and network with industry colleagues. Thanks a lot, XBIZ team!”

— Lenny Balshen, president and founder, WestMarket LLC

“As always, I had a great time at XBIZ Retreat and was able to connect with new contacts as well as having meet-and-greets with people I already knew.”

— Jens, Amorana

“XBIZ Retreat provides a great opportunity to meet new suppliers personally. In my case I knew some only by email only. The events offer a friendly way to initiate new biz relationships or to strengthen pre-existing ones. Also to share experiences with people from different countries is part of the profitability of the event."

— Guillermo Cohen, Eroshop SpA

“I look for productivity with any trade show gathering. Everyone's time is valuable. The XBIZ staff organizes with professionalism and follows through keeping the flow of the event running smooth. That enabled my business to be conducted productively. We were able to add new lines and strengthen existing product categories. Bottom line, more profit.”

— Bob Mosca, CEO, Jackson Supply Company

“XBIZ Retreat is one of the best shows ever! Productive, efficient, and lots of fun as well!”

— Hannah Lin, international sales manager, Topco Sales

“I feel my time is valued when attending the XBIZ Retreat. The engagement with the other business minds makes this a valuable event.”

— Jay Scheinberg, VP of sales, Liberator

“Newly in my position XBIZ Retreat was a fantastic way to meet and bond with fellow industry professionals that not only allowed me to grow my business relationships, but also learn more about the industry!”

— Kit Richardson, buyer, Museum of Sex

“The XBIZ Retreat not only offers quality private meetings in a relaxed setting but the dinners and activities allow manufacturers and buyers to really get to know each other on a new level. I left XBIZ Retreat feeling some of these relationships had been deepened in a really meaningful way.”

— Coyote Amrich, director of purchasing and product development, Barnaby Ltd

“I got to meet new people, socialize during dinners, and do a more gentle business approach by actually getting to relax and know people on a personal level. The whole experience felt very valuable.”

— Kim Faubel, sales director, COTR, Inc

“XBIZ Retreat was very valuable for us as business owners. The one-on-one time in a quiet setting was exactly what we needed to make informed buying decisions.”

— Shonda Cleveland, Adam & Eve Wichita Falls/Lawton/Dallas

“XBIZ Retreat was a great opportunity to combine professional meetings with social interaction between ourselves and the buyers. Knowing people on a more personal level is a great way to build meaningful relationships.”

— Dan Jackson, sales and account manager, Je Joue

“XBIZ Retreat is a must-attend show for us. The one-on-one time with our customers offers exhibitors the stage for great future relationships.”

— Rebecca Weinberg, president, XR Brands

“Xbiz Miami is one of my favorite trade shows of the year. Miami is a gorgeous setting full of vibrancy and the amount of business and fun is perfect. We always want to be a part of this event because the return on investment is too good to pass up!”

— April Lampert, head of global sales, Hot Octopuss

“XBIZ Retreat is a must for creating new business relationships it creates a wonderful atmosphere with a unique formula of mixing business with pleasure.”

— Pat Cronenberg, Klipon Trading